Cold Drinks


Whole or fat-free

Small $2.25 | Large $2.95

Fresh Orange Juice

Organically Grown

Small $2.25 | Large $3.25

Tomato Veggie Juice


Organic Apple Juice


Organic Cranberry Nectar


Raspberry Lemonade 

A glass of Greenleaf House-made


Arnold Palmer

A refreshing blend of iced tea & raspberry lemonade. Includes bottomless Iced Tea 


All Natural Italian Soda

Raspberry, strawberry, cranberry & black cherry

$3.75 | topped with whipped cream 3.95

Fountain Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Mr. Pibb, Mellow Yellow


Natural Soda

Orange mango, Grapefruit, Black Cherry & Ginger Ale


Mineral Water

Lemon, lime, orange, berry & plain


Iced Tea

A bottomless glass


Iced Coffee

Locally roasted organic bottomless glass of our fresh brewed coffee over ice (seasonal)


Iced Chai

Indian-style spiced black tea, chilled over ice with milk

$3.95 | Substitute Soymilk or almond milk add .60

Iced Double Latte

Iced double latte made with locally roasted coffee


Iced Double Mocha

Iced double espresso mocha made with locally roasted coffee and topped with whipped cream



Fruit Juice Smoothie

Organic apple juice, Organic banana & fresh fruit


Yogurt Smoothie

Organic yogurt, Organic apple juice, Organic banana & fresh fruit


Orange Delight

Fresh Organic orange juice, Organic yogurt, Organic banana & fresh fruit.


Hot Drinks

Locally Roasted Organic Coffee

A bottomless cup of Coffee


Locally Roasted Organic Decaf Coffee

A bottomless cup of decaf coffee


Hot Chocolate

Rich chocolate & fresh milk topped with whipped cream

Small $2.95 | Large $3.50

Cafe Au Lait

Local coffee & steamed milk


Mocha Java

Locally roasted organic coffee & hot chocolate topped with whipped cream



Herbal – Chamomile, Peppermint, Mandarin Orange Spice & Red Zinger


Earl Grey, Decaf Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Decaf English Breakfast, Green Tea, Chamomile,

Peppermint, & Red Zinger $2.50

Chai Grande

Indian-style spiced black tea with steamed milk

$3.95 | Substitute Almost or Soymilk .60

Local Espresso

All drinks are double shots


Locally Roasted Organic Espresso



Locally Roasted Organic Espresso with steamed milk



Locally Roasted Organic Espresso with hot water


Espresso Latte

Locally Roasted Organic blend espresso with steamed milk


Espresso Mocha

Espresso with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream


Monin Premiun Syrup

Caramel, Irish Cream, Vanilla, Sugar Free Vanilla


Add Extra Double Shot of Espresso


Add Breve


Substitute Soymilk or Almond Milk