There are so many things to do in Ashland!


Happening annually in our backyard is the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). OSF is a regional repertory theater founded in 1935 by Angus L. Bowmer. From late February through October each year, the Festival offers 800 to 850 matinee and evening performances of a wide range of classic and contemporary plays not limited to Shakespeare to a total annual audience of nearly 400,000.

The Festival welcomed its millionth visitor in 1971, its 10-millionth in 2001, and its 20-millionth visitor in 2015.

At any given time between five and eleven plays are offered in daily rotation six days a week in its three theaters.

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The defining feature of Ashland’s bustling downtown, leafy Lithia Park laps up against a few central blocks lined with trendy cafes and shops, as well as the grounds of the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival, providing passersby a verdant spot to people-watch, read a book, sip coffee or perhaps take a drink from lithium-rich water that flows from the park’s — and adjacent Ashland Plaza’s — water fountains. These waters inspired the name of this park, which opened on the site of a former mill in 1916. Standing at the neatly manicured northern end of the park, you might not immediately realize that this emerald urban oasis encompasses nearly 100 acres of often rugged, hilly terrain bisected by pristine Ashland Creek.

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The Irvine & Roberts families bring a unique collection of skills and passions to create their ultra-premium, artistically crafted wines produced in a style that evokes elegance, balance, and richness in their flavors and texture.

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